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Bártfay Udvarház - Tállya

Bártfay Guesthouse - Tállya

Tokaj-Hegyalja and Tállya have been World Heritage Sites since 2002 as cultural landscapes. Our village lies in the geometrical centre of Europe, and offers a memorable stay for visitors as part of the world famous Tokay wine region.

Szállás - Bártfay Udvarház - Tállya

Our rooms are equipped with all amenities.
The Bártfay Guesthouse, awaits its guests in one of the most famous villages, Tállya.

Konferencia - Bártfay Udvarház - Tállya

Business conference, and corporate team events.
Our conference room has a maximum capacity of 25 people, which is suitable for company training and events.

Programok - Bártfay Udvarház - Tállya

Program and event management.
We can arrange and manage programs or events specifically for groups or individuals.

Wellness - Bártfay Udvarház - Tállya

Today, wellness lifestyle is a requirement.
Professional and friendly hospitality guaranteed in 11 rooms and a luxorious two room apartment.